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TRA Modelling Lecture Series "Hertz"

From January 13-28, 2022, a digital lecture series within the appointment process for the Hertz Professorship "Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems" will take place. You can register for the respective lectures with your TRA Manager Dr. Julia Belau at

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PreDinner Series 2021

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The TRA 1 Modelling PreDinner Series has been established to inform members about funded projects and ongoing research as well as to promote and facilitate collaboration and networking within the TRA.

Instead of a hard-to-schedule full-day workshop, we opt for a weekly "PreDinner" format: after finishing your duties of the day, meet us for a casual research talk before dinner starts – in other words: at PreDinner-time.

This year we have a mix of talks from funded projects and other TRA-affiliated researchers to meet.

Symposium on Interdisciplinary Research in Mathematics and Life Science

It was a great pleasure to host the one-day ‘Symposium on Interdisciplinary Research in Mathematics and Life Sciences’, which was held in the Hörsaalzentrum of the University of Bonn and online on Monday, August 30, 2021.

The symposium was jointly organized by the Clusters of Excellence Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (HCM) and ImmunoSensation2 as well as the Transdisciplinary Research Areas TRA Mathematics, Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems and TRA Life and Health aims to provide an overview of the respective and partially very new research activities in this field. 

Please check for further information.

Poster Symposium
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