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"Technologies Drive New Science" - 2nd TRA Mini-Symposium

Date: 06.02.2023
Venue: Seminar room ground floor, BMZ 2, Building 12, Venusberg-Campus 1, 53127 Bonn

13:00 Bioengineering approaches to studying the migratory behavior of immune and cancer cells
Eva Kiermaier, LIMES-Institute (Method Development Grant)

13:30 Manipulating posttranslational modifications with nanobodies
Florian Schmidt, Institute of Innate Immunity (Method Development Grant)

14:00 Coffee Break

14:30 Nasal microbiome in Alzheimer’s disease – a poorly explored relationship
Anja Schneider, Clinic for Neurodegenerative Diseases and Gerontopsychiatry and DZNE
Marie-Christine Simon, Institute of Nutrition and Food Sciences
(Life and Health Research Prize 2022)

15:00 Towards vascularized and immunized human retinal organoids for sophisticated retinal disease modelling
Volker Busskamp, Eye Clinic (Life and Health Research Prize 2022)

Bonn Conference on Mathematical Life Sciences

Conference Poster
© Sabrina Fuchs

Mathematical modelling and analysis are nowadays essential for all fields of the life sciences, ranging from basic research to clinical application. To discuss the state of the field and potential future development, we would like to invite you to the

Bonn Conference on Mathematical Life Sciences

Bonn, April 17-20, 2023

TeRAbytes - Strategies for Data Science and Data Management - 17./18. 01. 2023

Poster for Workshop
© TRA Life and Health

This workshop will bring together researchers from across the Transdisciplinary Research Areas (TRAs) who produce and deal with large and complex data sets and generate digital research products. We wish to stimulate an exchange of ideas and common challenges.
The workshop has three goals:

  • Get an overview of the ongoing activities
  • Identify common strengths, challenges, and development directions
  • Provide feedback to the university on future requirements for an excellent digital infrastructure

Förderangebote und Veranstaltungen

Method Development Grants 2023

Are you planning to establish a new technology? Do you have an idea for a new tool that will be useful for other TRA researchers, too? 
Apply for the TRA Method Development Grant!
Application deadline: 28.02.2023
Please email

TRA^2 - Life and Health Matter(s) Networking Event

Flyer_Life and Health Matters 31.05.22_bild.png
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Talks, seminars, events

Life Science events: Bonner Forum Biomedizin provides an overview about talks, seminars, workshops in Bonn 

Bonn Organoid Club

Sharing expertise and reagents on organoids in Bonn, the Bonn Organoid Club bundles the expertise on the use of organoids in biomedical research at the University and University Hospital of Bonn. Scientists interested in the development and application of organoids in various research projects share their results in monthly events. 

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