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Seeking cooperation and setting priorities

Seeking cooperationThe University of Bonn is committed to the idea of the universitas litterarum. The diverse range of subjects that we make available and the considerable networking and cooperation opportunities that we provide make us a highly attractive option for both academics and students.

And our belief in the principle of a "full-range University" in no way contradicts our efforts to further enhance our profile by setting subject priorities. Both nationally and internationally renowned specialisations and combinations have provided the University of Bonn with our highly impressive academic and research profile (see box).

Areas defining the profile of the University internationally:
In addition, there are research fields that stand out on a national level such as
In developing our chosen specialisations, the University of Bonn works very closely in selected fields with research partners from the "ABC science region" - Aachen, Bonn, Cologne. These include Max Planck institutes, the research centre CAESAR, the Research Centre Jülich (FZJ), the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Fraunhofer Society (FhG) institutes. In addition, we cooperate with international organisations, including the United Nations.

At the University of Bonn, wi view our considerably advanced networks of cooperation as a strategic advantage in beeing able to succesfully compete for third-party funding from boht national and international sponsors.
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