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A Research University


The University of Bonn is among the leading research universities in Germany. Numerous projects that are being funded and have been funded by Germany's central research funding agency (DFG) clearly demonstrate our research potential and strong commitment to achieving academic excellence.

In addition, DFG-supported cooperative projects have also greatly helped to build effective structures. And through benefiting from the input of external experts, these are the best means by which we can identify the most gifted researchers and young academic talent.

Incentive Schemes

Furthermore, to promote research, the University of Bonn regularly offers prizes of up to one million euros as start-up funding for projects. Another incentive scheme involves rewarding activities that attract further third-party funds and bring in high-level research prizes.

Sciences Prizes

Awards and distinctions have acted as a major factor in the distinguished reputation that we have built at the University of Bonn. The most famous examples of such awards were the Nobel Prizes awarded in 1989 and 1994 to Wolfgang Paul and Reinhard Selten respectively. In addition, Bonn can to date boast eight Leibniz prize-winners. And whilst science prizes cannot be guaranteed, the University is committed to creating a truly research-friendly environment that will achieve unparalleled excellence.

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