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Our Vision


The University of Bonn

Founded over 200 years ago, the University of Bonn belongs to Germany's most recognized institutions for research and higher education. It is situated in the center of Europe and internationally renowned for top-level science, research-oriented study programs and an international flair.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver the highest level of education and support for our students and junior researchers, and to provide an environment conducive to free academic discussion and scientific exchange.

We aim to provide optimal conditions for research in order to attract the best scientists and enable them to address fundamental research questions that underlie and define major scientific, technological and societal challenges. We believe this is best achieved by fostering a collaborative and innovative research culture in a framework that promotes individual creativity and early independence.

In the city of Bonn, the cradle of German democracy after World War II, we promote the ideas of enlightenment and democracy as the basis for freedom in research and the prosperity of our society.


University Faculties and Academic Structures

The University of Bonn is a comprehensive University with 7 faculties (Faculties of Catholic and Protestant Theology, Law & Economics, Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Arts, Medicine and Agriculture). Currently more than 38,000 students (thereof 5,000 international students from 143 countries) are enrolled in one of its 203 study programs. The University has approximately 6,400 staff members, including 540 professors. Excellence in research has been established at the University of Bonn through the strategic recruitment of exceptional scientists in the last decades. Thus, the University of Bonn belongs to Germany’s leading universities.

In a participatory process, involving input from all professors from the University, we have recently identified six leading research themes, in which the University of Bonn's researchers are ideally positioned to make fundamental contributions towards major scientific, technological and societal challenges. These themes cover the full range of disciplines at our comprehensive University and are organized along six Transdisciplinary Research Areas (TRAs):

Bonn, the city of Science and of the United Nations

The University of Bonn is embedded in an invigorating academic environment with local non-university research institutions including several Max-Planck, Helmholtz, Fraunhofer and Leibniz institutes located in Bonn, and the United Nations University (Bonn is the only UN city in Germany with 20 UN commissions focusing on the Sustainable Development Goal Agenda 2030). It is part of an excellent regional research network involving the Research Center Jülich and strong neighboring university partners in the Rhineland (Cologne and Aachen). On an international scale, the University of Bonn cooperates with more than 80 renowned universities worldwide. The attractiveness of the University for scientists from abroad is reflected by the recent Times Higher Education international ranking, in which the University of Bonn ranks 2nd nationwide.

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