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Organisation and Structure


Rector and Rectorate

The University is headed by the Rectorate (Rektorat). Chairing the Rectorate is the Rector (Rektor), who is elected for a four year term and is empowered with the responsibility of representing the University. The additional members of the Rectorate are the five Deputy Rectors (Prorektoren) and the Provost (Kanzler).

The Senat

The Senate is responsible for the following matters:

  1. Confirming the election of the members of the Presidium and recommending to the University Council that they be voted out;
  2. Commenting on the Presidium’s annual report;
  3. Passing and modifying the basic statutes, general regulations and other ordinances of the University, unless otherwise regulated by this Act;
  4. Recommending and commenting on the draft version of the University Development Plan and the Agreement on Objectives, furthermore recommending and commenting on the Evaluation Reports, the Economic Plan, the Basic Principles of Distribution of Positions and Funding among the Faculties, Central University Institutions, Central Operational Units and Medical Institutions. 

The Faculties

The seven faculties form the heart of the University of Bonn:

In total, the University of Bonn employs approximately 530 professors in teaching and research. Furthermore, we employ several thousand other academic and non-academic staff, making our institution one of the largest employers in the region.

The University Council

The University Council comprises three representatives from within the University and seven members from academic circles, politics and society. The Council advises the Rector's Office and exercises supervisory control over the Office's management of the University.

Organisational chart


Organizational Chart of the University of Bonn.pdf


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