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Looking for the uni? No problem!

If you ask a Bonner "Where can I find the university?", you'll probably be told, "That depends what you mean!" The reason for this hesitation is not the elusiveness sometimes ascribed to people in the Rhineland; it's simply the fact that "the" university as such doesn't exist in Bonn.
The university, its faculties, centres and facilities form a "city within the city". And both of these cities are closely intertwined. Everywhere you go, you come across students and the academic world. Town and gown: Bonn and "its" university form a harmonious and intimate unity.

The university uses more than 350 buildings scattered all over the Bonn area. The most impressive site is undoubtedly the historic Main Building located in the city centre. It was originally the palatial residence of the prince electors and is now home to the arts and the theological faculties. Together with the adjacent Hofgarten park, this architectural landmark is an important ingredient of The University of Bonn's  unmistakable charm.

Other important university sites include the Juridicum, for Law and Economics, located a short distance south of the Main Building, the grand buildings in Poppelsdorf, which house the agricultural and natural science faculties, and the University Clinic, set high atop Venusberg.

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