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Does the University of Bonn translate “Fakultät” with “faculty” or “department”? What do we use for “Graduiertenkolleg”, “Präsenzstudium” or even “Universität Bonn” in English?

You can find answers to this and more such questions in our English Glossary. Based on American English, it is issued by the Rectorate, aiming to make the production of English texts easier for everyone at the University and to ensure consistency in the use of frequent terminology. It represents official terminology of the University of Bonn and serves as a point of reference for print and online content.

Please also refer to our English Language Style Guide to ensure correct spelling and adhere to preferences in style such as formatting, capitalization and acronyms.

Ongoing Editorial Work

We continuously update the glossary and English Language Style Guide and tailor both to the requirements of the University of Bonn. If you miss a term, or would like to share your feedback or suggestions for improvement, please use the feedback form.

Note: The Editorial Team meets regularly to discuss new additions and feedback. An updated glossary is published in April and October, prior to the start of the semester.


Glossaries and Style Guide of the University of Bonn

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