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What are the names of institutes in German and English? How do I translate "Doktorand"?

The glossary represents the official terminology of the University of Bonn and is available as a reference for printed and online texts. It is published by the Rectorate in order to simplify the use of English for university members and to enable a universal use of typical terms. It is based on American-English.

Please also consult the University of Bonn's Language Style Guide for specifications on how to format dates, capitalisation, abbreviations and so forth when writting in English. 

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Continuous editorial maintenance

The glossary and style guide are updated continuously and adapted to the needs of the University of Bonn.

If you are missing a term, or have comments and suggestions for improvements, please use the feedback form:

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Additions and changes for the glossary and the style guide are discussed regularly by the editorial team of experts. An updated version of the glossary is published before the beinging of each semester in April and October. 

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