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General information on the coronavirus

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Latest updates

Here you can see the last four updates on the Corona pages.

(New 16.04.) Self-tests for employees/ Ordering medical masks.

Circular 35/2021 tells employees how to obtain the self-tests provided by the state of NRW. There are also new regulations on ordering medical masks. All information can also be found on the subpage for employees.

(New 03/22) New circular on regulations for the summer semester 2021

The current circular covers teaching, libraries, opening hours, and an update on testing.

(New 03/10) New circular on library operations, university sports and museums, exhibitions and Botanical Gardens

The Rectorate has issued a new circular providing information on the gradual opening of the libraries, the expansion of university sports and the opening of museums, exhibitions and Botanical Gardens.

(New 03/02) Changes due to the new Corona Protection Ordinance

Effective immediately, participants in courses and examinations conducted on site must wear medical masks without exception. This includes surgical masks, FFP2 or (K)N95 masks and higher-grade masks. Use of textile mouth and nose covers as accepted in the past is no longer permitted during on-site courses and examinations. The University will continue to provide surgical masks for on-site courses and examinations.

University life during the winter semester

What would have seemed impossible to us only a couple of months ago has, with the coronavirus pandemic, in the meantime become reality. Within only a few weeks, the University of Bonn has turned into a university following an online approach. Lectures in lecture halls and experiments in laboratories were swiftly transformed into online courses and video conferences.

Seven rules for your visit to University premises

To make this work, all members and guests of the University of Bonn must follow the coronavirus infection protection regulations. The following seven points summarize the most important rules for a safe University visit:

Act responsibly - Wear a mouth and nose cover in University indoor areas.

Keep yourself clean - Disinfect your hands at University entrances and wash them regularly and thoroughly with soap.

Recover fully first - You are not allowed to enter University premises if you experience any symptoms of illness or if you have been in contact with infected persons.

React quickly - Always sneeze and cough into the inside of your elbow.

Maintain distance - Always maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters to protect yourself and those around you.

Ventilate rooms often - Fresh air reduces the aerosols in the room air.

Stay informed - Always stay up to date with the latest regulations.

Due to the rapidly increasing infection rates, the "Coronaschutzverordnung" currently only allows meetings in public spaces between members of a household and one other person. This person may be accompanied by children from their household in need of care.

Opening of University buildings

The opening hours of student-relevant areas of the main building and of the AVZ III building will be extended as of March 22, 2021. The new hours will be 8 am to 6 pm. The main building can only be accessed via the following entrances: Tor Arkadenhof, the entrance at the Acquisitions section and the entrance to the corridor of the cafeteria and the entrance to the Etscheidhof with access to Lecture hall 1. The opening hours of decentrally administered buildings are to be set by the respective responsible managing directors or other managers.

Corona Warning App

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We recommend using the governmental Corona Warning App, available for download in Apple and Google app stores.

What to do when you are feeling unwell

If you feel unwell, had contact with a person infected with the coronavirus or are returning from a risk area, you must not enter University of Bonn premises. If you start to feel unwell while on University premises, please leave the premises and seek medical advice immediately. You can find a summary of all important information on what to do in case of a (suspected) coronavirus infection in Circular 71/2020 and the Circular attachment. The Robert Koch Institute, the Ministry of Health and the corona portal of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) also provide all important information on how to behave correctly if you fall ill. Suspicious cases can be reported internally to the occupational safety department by e-mail.

Responsibility each one of us has

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The situation remains volatile and can continue to worsen in the coming weeks. Similar to other areas in life, everyone involved must act responsibly and stay informed about current developments. This includes making use of online services and avoiding personal contact where possible.

For all further regulations, please refer to the relevant subsections for teaching staff, students, employees as well as “important documents”.

We would like to wish all members of the University of Bonn a successful winter semester. Stay healthy!

Further information

Further information

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For questions on the coronavirus, please feel free to contact the Bonn citizens helpline at +49(0)228-7175 between 8 am and 4 pm, Monday to Friday. If you experience symptoms of a cold, please call your family doctor. If you cannot get a hold of your family doctor, please contact 116117 for the non-emergency doctor on call. Suspicious cases can be reported internally to the occupational safety department by e-mail.


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