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Further Graduate Programs in Bonn


Our doctoral programs are long-term disciplinary or cross-disciplinary institutions with varying structures and supports for doctoral candidates. Here you can find the program that suits you!








Faculty- and discipline-specific doctoral programs





Supported by the BONFOR-Förderprogramm of the Faculty of Medicine, the Doctoral College offers scientific doctoral training for students in medicine and dental medicine leading to a Dr. med./Dr. med. dent. degree.

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Theodor Brinkmann Graduate School

Founded in 2008, the Theodor Brinkmann Graduate School provides a wide umbrella for all Master's students and doctoral students at the Faculty of Agriculture.



Structured Doctoral Program in German Studies (SPP) [in German]

The SPP provides a program for all PhD students at the Institute for German, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies. The focus is on supporting PhD students' subject-matter initiatives.



German-Italian Doctoral College [in German]

The bi-national Kolleg in German provides structured PhD studies for German and Italian PhD students with phases spent at the University of Bonn and at the partner university in Florence. There are 1-2 grants/year.



Trinational Doctoral Program in Italian Studies [in German/Italian]

In cooperation with the Universities of Florence and Paris-Sorbonne IV, the University of Bonn has been offering a PhD studies program in Italian Studies (admission restrictions apply) since 2006.

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Trinational Graduate College "European Founding Myths in Literature, Arts und Music" [in German/French/Italian]

The Graduate School, which is jointly organized by the Universities of Bonn, Florence and Paris Sorbonne IV, allows inter-disciplinary PhD studies focusing on the topic of European founding myths.


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