Structure of the Curriculum



Our training and further education offerings for doctoral students are divided into four modules, which the Graduate Center offers in close collaboration with its cooperation partners. When choosing your courses, focus on the areas that suit you best! The modules are described in detail below.


modul 1

Module 1: Independent Research

In this module, we offer courses on techniques for, and organization of, academic work. The offerings range from workshops for structuring the doctoral project to dissertation defense practice. In addition, you will receive tips and information about writing research proposals and about the structure of the German academic system. The module also includes instruction about good academic practice.


modul 2

Module 2: Developing Competences

This module is realized by the HR Development department at the University of Bonn, and is used to systematically develop cross-departmental competences for doctoral candidates. It includes presenting in an academic context, coaching office hours, and innovative methodology seminars to help students generate and implement ideas for their own research.


modul 3

Module 3: Learning to Teach

In the third module, offered by the Bonner Zentrum für Hochschullehre [Bonn Center for Higher-Education Teaching], the goal is for beginning academics to gain didactic skills in higher education. It particularly focuses on basic qualification courses for higher-education didactics. The goal of these courses is to systematically facilitate the (further) development of teaching skills during students’ initial higher-education teaching experiences, and to provide professional support for them.


modul 4

Module 4: Career Management

This module, which the BGZ offers in close collaboration with the Career Center and the University’s HR Development department, includes courses on career orientation and starting a career for doctoral candidates. It includes workshops on professional orientation, job applications and career management as well as informational events about career paths in the fields of science, business and culture.


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