The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft serves all branches of science and the humanities by funding research projects and facilitating national and international collaboration among researchers. (source: DFG)  


The Office for Research will support your DFG research project from inception to implementation.


The following contacts can help if you have questions:

7.1 Research Support: From initial advising to application

Dr. Kati Waßmann, phone: +49 228 73-60917, wassmann(at)verwaltung.uni-bonn.de

Dr. Ulrike Pag, phone: +49 228 73 3073,

Dr. Anna Büntge, phone: +49 228 73-3068, buentgeanna(at)verwaltung.uni-bonn.de

on parental leave

7.3: Financial matters
see area of responsibility

7.4: Personnel matters
by the alphabet


During the application process please read the information offerd by the DFG carefully (programme-specific Forms and Guidelines (available only in German)) as well as our our information on specific procedures at Bonn University (see below).

The Liason Officer shall be informed about applications to the DFG


Individual Grants Programmes

Coordinated Programmes

Research Infrastucture

Scientific Prizes

International Programmes

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