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BMBF/federal funding

Kästchen BMBF


The Research Administration Office will advise you on your BMBF/federal funding project from the application outline through implementation. If you want to apply, please contact us early on. Advising is also available in English.



  • From the initial advising session to application: Dominik Büschken (Ph. 73-7023, email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) for BMBF-applications of the faculty of Agriculture.
  • Financial matters: Abt. 7.2, see area of responsibility
  • Calculating personnel costs: known person 7.2, unknown person 7.1
  • Issues of tenders and procurement: Abt. 5.3 Beschaffung

How to apply

  • Please submit your (AZA) application to the project-funding entity via Abt. 7.1.
  • Required signatures will be obtained via Abt. 7.1.
  • To help you with completing the AZA application (Antrag auf Zuwendung auf Ausgabenbasis), a sample application (Musterantrag) together with a guideline has been posted on the Intranet with the University of Bonn's pertinent data.
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