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Innovation and Partnership


We provide an excellent environment that fosters creative research and gives answers on key scientific, technological, and societal challenges. Society and companies benefit from innovative research at the University of Bonn.

Exchange ideas and visions. Change your perspective. We create impact.

Expertise and Knowledge

Science needs new structures and novel approaches. The University of Bonn's researchers channel the most important research activities and, through transdisciplinary dialog, address central scientific, technological and societal research themes of the future. We exchange ideas between disciplines in order to ask the right questions. Are you having questions or looking for answers and solutions? We can help.

Resources and Facilities

Our excellent research Clusters play an important role in the development of our research infrastructure. The success of the University of Bonn in the Federal Excellence Strategy is a direct result of outstanding researchers and an exquisite infrastructure. In improving our overall infrastructure status we have formed and will form core facilities for optimal use.

Research and Partnership

All areas of science and society are faced with unprecedented complexity, be it through tremendous technological progress, increasingly complex social structures, or ever-growing scientific data sets. In many areas, the multitude of details and their interrelationships are approaching, or even exceeding, the limits of our intellectual capacity. Science needs new structures and novel approaches. Participate in our groundbreaking research. 

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