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ECONtribute: Markets and Public Policy


This cluster, together with the University of Cologne, is the only predominantly economics focused application that made it into the second round of the Excellence Strategy.

Researchers want to analyze the causes of market failure and resulting policy measures. Unlike traditional analyzes of economic policy, researchers systematically combine model-based theoretical approaches and behavioral explanatory models, incorporating legal and political framework conditions. Thus, the interdisciplinary working groups include new societal challenges and goals and offer solutions using new instruments that have so far barely found their way into economics and economic policy.

How do you measure and deal with market power in the digital age, when many offers are virtually free of charge and instead are paid for by the provision of data? What are the consequences for consumer protection? What influence do preferences for fairness or justice have on the design of minimum wages or inheritance taxes? Can and should individual behavior be controlled by instruments such as nudging, if this seems to be for the benefit of the individual? These are just a few of countless questions being raised in this cluster.

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