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Partnerships and International Researchers

Section 6.1 holds responsibility for maintaining existing cooperation agreements and establishing new global partnerships. This includes the administration of inter-faculty cooperation agreements with more than 70 partner universities and the provision of advice to individual faculties and institutes on new partner agreements, joint international degree programs and international applications. The section is also involved in international marketing matters and holds responsibility for coordinating the study abroad programs for international students (Junior Year Program and Global Exchange Program). The section also hosts the Welcome Center, the central service center for international researchers.

Section Management

Avatar Odenthal

Tina Odenthal

Head of Section

+49 228 73-6190

Simon Benhöfer

Deputy Head of Section

+49 228 73-4823

Nadine Kittelberger

Office Manager

+49 228 73-7627

Contact Partners

Avatar Klöckner

Christian Klöckner

Partnership and Network Management — North America, East Asia, Australia

+49 228 73-1872

Avatar Zöller

Mira Zöller

Partnership and Network Management — Africa, Latin America, South (East) Asia

+49 228 73-60617

Avatar Benhöfer

Simon Benhöfer

Partnership and Network Management — Europe (NeurotecEU)

+49 228 73-4823

Avatar Hamm

Katharina Hamm

Partnerships, Administration

+49 228 73-7293

Avatar Greis-Mills

Jessica Greis-Mills

Welcome Center for International Researchers, Coordination

+49 228 73-4040

Avatar Heurich

Bärbel Heurich

Welcome Center for International Researchers, Administration

+49 228 73-7831

Avatar Lanaro

Michaela Lanaro

Junior Year Program and Exchange Program, Coordination

+49 228 73-9632


Partnerships and International Researchers


+49 228 73-7627


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