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International Students and Study Programs

Section 6.3 coordinates all work relating to the social and cultural integration of international students and doctoral students at the University. This is a key to academic success. The main tasks of the section include working on measures to internationalize degree programs taught in the University, the provision of advice and support to other sections working with incoming international students and supporting the development of English-language degree programs and international double degree programs. The section also develops and runs support programs for refugees considering an application for a place on a degree course, and special programs for international alumni.

Section Management

Avatar Müller

Christine Müller

Head of Section

+49 228 73-1966

Avatar Papel

Sandra Papel

Deputy Head of Section

+49 228 73-9527

Contact Partners

Avatar Kohl

Marina Kohl

Counseling for refugees

+49 228 73-5948

Avatar Becker

Michael R. Becker

Support for first-semester students

+49 228 73-4407

Avatar Rong

Carina L. Rong

Support for first-semester students

+49 228 73-7414

Avatar Heidchen

Lisa-Sophie Heidchen

International students

+49 228 73-3260

Avatar Trachsel

Monique Trachsel

International Master’s and Double Degree Programs

+49 228 73-3271

Avatar Wißkirchen

Andrea Wißkirchen

Accommodation coordination for international Masters Programs

+49 228 73-7990

Avatar Meraner

Dr. Manuela Meraner

Erasmus worldwide and Global Exchange Program

+49 228 73-60493

Avatar Rong

Carina Rong

Erasmus Study Abroad (Incomings)

+49 228 73-68777

Avatar Khrul

Kristina Khrul

Career entry

+49 228 73-2419

Avatar Papel

Sandra Papel

International doctoral students

+49 228 73-9527

Avatar Bürger-John

Joana Bürger-John

Summer Schools

+49 228 73-2212

Avatar Bezzeg-Frölich

Eva Bezzeg-Frölich

DAAD Prize

+49 228 73-7694

Avatar Schwietering

Sören Schwietering

Study Buddy Program


International Students and Study Programs



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