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The University of Bonn in National and International University Rankings

The University of Bonn is the most successful University of Excellence in Germany and one of the best-performing universities worldwide. This is reflected not least in the leading positions that the University and a number of its departments currently occupy in national and international university rankings. These rankings draw on various performance indicators, data sources and reputation surveys to rate the quality of research and teaching, aspects such as internationalization and digitalization and the number of citations and publications. 


We are 4th in the list of Germany’s best universities

The Academic Ranking of World Universities 2022 (ARWU), also known as the “Shanghai Ranking”, put the University of Bonn in an outstanding 4th place in Germany for 2022.

This impressive performance is thanks in particular to the exceptional quality of the University’s researchers, who scored highest in Germany for “Prizes and awards won by researchers.” The high citation rate and impact achieved by their publications were also rated very positively.


We are 67th in the list of the best universities in the world

The University of Bonn is placed 67th in the global comparison provided by the Shanghai Ranking 2023 (Academic Ranking of World Universities). Representing the Rhineland as a center of excellence for teaching, this makes it one of the top 100 universities in the world. The University of Bonn’s score puts it on rank 10 in the European Union. 

The main reasons behind these leading positions are the University’s many excellent researchers and alumni and the many international awards and accolades that they have won. However, the density of much-cited and highly influential publications by Bonn-based research also has a hand in this success. 


12th in the Leiden Ranking

The Centre for Science and Technology Studies Leiden (CWTS) put the University of Bonn 12th for the whole of Germany in 2023. According to the rankings, 11.6 percent of scientific publications from Bonn are among the 10 percent most-cited around the world.

The University of Bonn ranks 3rd in Germany in the top one percent of most-cited publications. In addition, the University enjoys rank 3 in a national comparison in terms of the percentage of publications produced through international collaboration.


University of Bonn is 17th in the EU

The well-known THE World University Ranking from the U.K. puts the University of Bonn 17th in the EU (30th in Europe). In the U.S. News Best Global Universities Ranking from the U.S., the university is on rank 45 in Europe.

These outstanding results are due in no small part to the excellent reputation enjoyed by the University’s research and teaching. The increasingly international feel of Bonn as a city has also contributed to the pleasing trends.


6th in U.S. News’s Best Global Universities

These U.S. rankings have also assessed universities across the world every year since 2014. Matching its performance from 2020, the University of Bonn achieved a fantastic 6th place in Germany this year too. Particular praise was reserved for the institution’s reputation for research within its region and the percentage of most-cited publications penned by Bonn-based researchers.

Outstanding subject areas at the University of Bonn

As well as the University as a whole, a number of degree programs in Bonn are also proving impressive, currently occupying leading positions in German-wide and international subject rankings. Its strengths in terms of reputation for research, international cooperation and teaching are particularly prominent in a direct comparison. Learn more about the best results:


Top in Germany for mathematics

Several rankings assign the University of Bonn’s renowned Department of Mathematics a superb first place in Germany. Both the U.S. News Global Universities Ranking and the Shanghai Ranking (GRAS) consider Bonn’s mathematicians to be the nationwide leaders in their field, highlighting in particular the reputation for research that the subject enjoys both regionally and globally. The excellent quality and high citation density of its publications also bear witness to the top quality of the department.


Ranked 15th in mathematics worldwide

The University of Bonn’s Department of Mathematics is also a standout performer on the global stage, securing a leading position (15th) in this year’s Shanghai Ranking (GRAS). Although the department can boast a large number of illustrious awards won by its researchers and alumni, the rankings also recognize its many international partnerships, which are reflected in a large number of international co-publications, among other things. In addition, the global renown enjoyed by mathematics in Bonn is attested by its excellent performances in the U.S. News Ranking (40th worldwide) and the QS Ranking (39th worldwide).


Bonn’s economists also in first place

The Department of Economics at the University of Bonn is ranked 1st in the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (Shanghai Ranking), a position it has held since as long ago as 2017. The THE subject rankings likewise put the department 4th in Germany. With economics and econometrics in Bonn enjoying a very good 2nd spot in Germany in the U.S. News Ranking, all the high-profile rankings place the department in leading positions.

In particular, the results take account of a high academic reputation, a significantly high citation rate for publications and their relevance to top-level research.


Economics placed 39th globally

The Department of Economics at the University of Bonn has also been able to keep pace with the rest of the global field and has performed fantastically in international rankings for many years now.

For instance, the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) puts it in an excellent 39th place worldwide, followed closely by an outstanding 50th in the QS Subject Rankings, demonstrating the strong global reputation and respect that the department enjoys. Its particular plus points include its high citation rate and international focus. 


Agriculture among the top three in Germany

The Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Bonn has also been among the leading performers for some time now, and not just since it achieved Cluster of Excellence status (PhenoRob). The Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) rates agriculture in Bonn as 3rd in Germany, while both the U.S. News and the QS Subject Rankings has it in 4th place. The department’s good performance is thanks mainly to its outstanding collaboration with leading institutions around the world and to the number of publications that appear in the major specialist journals.


Agriculture secures top positions worldwide

The scientific excellence and good reputation of the University of Bonn’s Faculty of Agriculture have also translated into an impressive performance on the global stage. For instance, it has come an excellent 46th worldwide in the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS). However, its results in the QS Ranking (66th) and the U.S. News Ranking (86th) also demonstrate the faculty’s strong performance. Among other things, this recognition is built on the excellent research going on in the city of Bonn and the strong reputation that it enjoys.

Other successful subject areas and degree programs

With its six Clusters of Excellence, twelve Collaborative Research Centers, around 200 subjects taught and numerous illustrious researchers, many other departments at the University of Bonn have also succeeded in holding their own against the competition both in Germany and worldwide. 

Leading positions compared with the rest of Germany

Physics 3rd (Shanghai/GRAS)

Space Science 3rd (U.S. News)

Dentistry & Oral Sciences 3rd (Shanghai/GRAS)

Food Science and Technology 3rd (U.S. News)

Infectious Diseases 5th (U.S. News)

Immunology 6th (U.S. News)

Molecular Biology and Genetics 8th (U.S. News)

Pharmacology and Toxicology 7th (U.S. News)

Physical Science 4th (THE Subject Ranking)

Archaeology 6th (QS Subject Ranking)

Life Sciences 9th (THE Subject Ranking)

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Top-100 positions of subject areas in a global comparison

Space Science 61th (U.S. News)

Immunology 81th (U.S. News)

Human Biological Sciences 51st–75th (Shanghai/GRAS)

Physics 51st–75th (Shanghai/GRAS)

Dentistry and Oral Sciences 51st–75th (Shanghai/GRAS)

Archaeology 51st–100th (QS Subject Ranking)

Cell Biology 83rd (U.S. News)

Infectious Diseases 98th (U.S. News)

Life Sciences 86th (THE Subject Ranking)

Neurosciences and Behavior 71th (U.S. News)

Computer Science 99th (THE Subject Ranking)

Physical Sciences 39th (THE Subject Rankings)

National rankings—CHE University Ranking

Published by the CHE (Centre for Higher Education) and “DIE ZEIT” since 1998, these university rankings are the most comprehensive and important ones of their kind for Germany. They are intended primarily for prospective students and offer a detailed analysis of departments more so than an overall comparison in order to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each German university. The CHE also incorporates surveys of teachers and students into its calculations.


In particular, the CHE praises the Department of Geography for the excellent support that it gives new students as well as its reputation for high-quality research. Students at the University of Bonn rate the department extremely highly overall, pointing to the outstanding teaching it offers, the high degree of research relevance and the good support it provides for studying abroad, among other things.


For geosciences in Bonn, the CHE highlighted in particular the excellent publication rate of its researchers and an outstanding completion rate among its graduates. Students were most impressed by how their studies were organized, the relevance of research and the excellent excursions that they went on.


The CHE Ranking also awarded a top score to mathematics at the University of Bonn. Among other things, it highlighted the very good level of support for new students, an outstanding completion rate for undergraduate degree programs and the share of research funding per researcher. Students concurred with this assessment and were particularly impressed with the organization of degree programs, the library facilities and the teaching provided.

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Chemistry in Bonn has also scored top marks in this year’s CHE rankings. Besides the good support provided at the start of their studies, students also highlighted the teaching of specialist skills and the overall organization of study programs as being particularly good.

The main rankings at a glance

© Times Higher Education

# 89 in the world
# 30 in Europe
# 7 in Germany

The THE rankings have been published by the U.K. magazine “Times Higher Education” (THE) every year since 2004. The THE has released numerous special issues and specific rankings over this period, such as the “THE Impact Ranking.”

Its World University Rankings are based primarily on reputation surveys, data reporting and publication data. 

The University of Bonn came on an amazing 89th rank worldwide and 30th in Europe (17th in the EU) in the THE World University Rankings for 2023, thus improving its results strongly. It scored especially high in the category citations. 

© ShanghaiRanking

# 67 in the world
# 21 in Europe
# 4 in Germany

The “Academic Ranking of World Universities” (ARWU) originated as a project that ran from 1999 to 2001 at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. This led in 2003 to the publication of the first global university rankings, the so-called “Shanghai Ranking”, which has appeared every year since and is one of the most-cited university rankings in the media. It focuses particularly on using publication and citation data as well as world-renowned prizes and awards to measure research performance.

The 2023 “Shanghai Ranking” recognizes the University of Bonn as the fourth-best university in Germany. The University has improved significantly on last year’s placings both within Europe (21st), the EU (10th) and the whole world (67th).

This outstanding result was due in particular to the number of prestigious awards won by University of Bonn researchers as well as their high citation density.

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# 239 in the world
# 100 in Europe
# 14 in Germany

The U.K. company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) combined its publications with those of Times Higher Education between 2004 and 2009, since when the “QS World University Rankings” have appeared separately. QS also publishes a number of other rankings, including for individual subjects and regions.

This year, the University of Bonn came 239th worldwide and 100th in Europe. Within Germany, QS sees the University of Bonn in 14th place and highlights the university's high academic reputation worldwide as well as the good student-teacher ratio. Furthermore, the university performs very well in the newly recorded International Research Network indicator, which depicts the diversity of international research networks, and the Employment Outcome indicator.
© U.S. News & World Report

# 138 in the world
# 50 in Europe
# 6 in Germany

Initially specializing primarily in the U.S. market, U.S. News & World Reporting also introduced a Global Universities Ranking in 2014, which also assessed foreign universities for the first time. U.S. News uses Clarivate Analytics as its database.

The University of Bonn came a strong 138th worldwide in the “U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities Ranking” and secured an excellent 6th place within Germany. 

© CWTS Meaningful Metrics

# 302 in the world
# 114 in Europe
# 12 in Germany

The rankings produced by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands (known as the CWTS or Leiden Ranking) have been published annually since 2007. The CWTS Ranking is purely bibliometric in nature and uses data provided by Clarivate Analytics.

The “Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) Leiden Ranking” puts the University of Bonn 302nd in the world and 12th in Germany. 

© NTU Taiwan University

# 173 in the world
# 69 in Europe
# 9 in Germany

The “Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities” is published by the National Taiwan University (NTU). The ranking was first published in 2007 by the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT). This ranking system evaluates the research performance of universities based on publication and citation data.

In this year’s NTU ranking, the University of Bonn was ranked 173th worldwide, 9th in Germany and 69th in Europe (43th in the EU). Her best rating is in the average citation rate.

Latest Rankings
University of Bonn Ranks among World’s Top Universities

In the recently published Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), the University of Bonn has ranked as one of Germany’s top four universities and in the top ten EU-wide, taking 67th place in the list of the world’s leading universities. Bonn thus moved up nine slots since last year on the worldwide ranking list.

The University of Bonn is a Top-Level Research Institution and Strong in International Collaboration

The latest rankings issued by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands have again shown that the University of Bonn is a leading scientific-academic institution and a significant player in international research.

Students Rate Law and Economics Teaching

Law and economics, the two subjects taught at the University of Bonn that were included in this year’s CHE Ranking by the Centre for Higher Education, have scored very highly in the rankings. Both faculties garnered a large number of positive assessments in the fact-based results as well as the findings from the student survey.

QS Rankings by Subject: Another Strong Performance by the University of Bonn

Once again, the University of Bonn has improved its performance significantly in the QS Rankings by Subject this year, moving further up the leaderboard for Germany in around half of the subjects for which it received a ranking. Leading the field among these subjects is Mathematics, which has come top in Germany and 39th worldwide.


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