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Research Track

Would you like to stay in research after your doctorate and work as a researcher at a university or a research institution? Then benefit from our Doctorate plus workshops in the Research Track and find out what good scientific practice means, how to give a scientific lecture or what methods and instruments you can use to enrich your research and teaching.

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With the on-demand e-training courses, you can continue your education flexibly and conveniently from home or on the road.

Certificate Doctorate plus

Acquire the Doctorate plus Certificate in one of our three career tracks.

Our Complementary Tracks

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Business and Organizations Track

The workshops in our Business and Organizations Track equip you with skills and knowledge that will qualify you for positions in, for example, industry and an NGO or to run a startup. Among other things, our workshops help you successfully master the application phase, sharpen your profile and take on management tasks.

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Research Management Track

You can acquire knowledge and interdisciplinary skills that are particularly useful for a career in research management. The workshops deal with topics such as university organization and science law, chairing meetings, strategy and leadership in science.


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