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A double victory at the RoboCup World Championship in Japan
Team NimbRo wins the football tournaments of the Humanoid AdultSize and TeenSize classes

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“Plant cinema” shows the flow of energy
International research team from the University of Bonn makes vital cell fuel ATP visible in seedlings

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How do fishes perceive their environment?
Researchers at the University of Bonn create realistic 3D model of the lateral line in fishes

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Cannabis can reverse aging processes

Cannabis can reverse brain aging
Cannabis can reverse aging processes in the brain - according to researchers of the University of Bonn and their colleagues of the Hebrew University (Israel).

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Studying in Bonn

There are more than 200 programs available at the University of Bonn. Find out more about studying here.

The YouTube channel offers several hundred videos from all areas of academic life.

Counseling and Service

We offer various services for present and prospective students who want to study in Bonn.

The Bonn Science Region

Bonn is located in the heart of one of the most vivid science regions in Germany.

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