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In-Semester German Language Courses (SDK)


We run in-semester German language courses for international students and doctoral students enrolled at the University of Bonn, visiting academics and members of the university staff.

General Information on the everyday German language courses A1.1 to B2.2 

Stages per semester

A1.1 to B2.2


Twice-weekly 2 x 45-minute units of contact teaching and an e-learning vocabulary task with a scope of ca. 2 x 45-minute units per week.

Group sizes

max. 18 persons

Learning objectives
  • To acquire a secure command of everyday German
  • To participate in activity-based, interactive everyday communication situations
  • To practice both written and oral expression and written and oral comprehension
  • To learn and extend vocabulary and useful phrases and to understand and apply grammatical structures

Requirements for passing the course

Active participation in lessons and passing the final test and completing the eLearning vocabulary activities

ECTS/ certificate

After fulfilling all the requirements, students will be awarded a graded certificate. The grade awarded will follow the German university grading scale (1.0 = Excellent \ 5.0 = Fail).

Regular participants who fail to comply with all the requirements will be issued with an ungraded certificate of attendance.

Regular participation means absence from no more than 4 classes. This includes absence for illness, which will not be counted separately.

General Information on the thematic courses A2 to C1 

Levels per semester

A2 to C1 (across Levels)


In-person teaching with 2 hours of lessons per week (1 x 2 course units)

Group sizes

max. 18 persons

Learning objectives
  • Intensive training of linguistically relevant skills: written communication, phonetics and speaking freely, presentation techniques
  • Deeper understanding of German grammar
  • Deepening of language skills and progression within the range of levels through differentiation within courses
  • Expanding vocabulary in the context of regional studies or current sociopolitical topics 
  • Learning the German language and discussing things that are typically German in the context of German history and art, economy and science

Requirements for passing the course
Participation and active involvement in in-person lessons and passing the final test or, where applicable, holding a presentation

ECTS/ certificate

If all requirements are met, you will receive a graded certificate.

Regular participants who fail to comply with all the requirements will receive an ungraded confirmation of attendance.

Regular participation means you cannot be absent from more than 2 course dates. Absence due to illness will not be counted separately. The grading scale of German universities is used to assess performance (1.0 = Excellent \ 5.0 = Fail).

Course duration and location

Course duration

11 weeks, starting in the 3rd week of the semester: November 9, 2020, to February 12, 2021

No lessons

December 2, 2020 (Dies Academicus), December 21, 2020 to January 8, 2021 


Adenauerallee 10 (53113 Bonn), 3rd and 4th floor

General information regarding registration


Online with student ID number on

Please note! Courses are filled very quickly. Places are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis. You will receive email confirmation of your registration. After registration, you will receive a further email asking you to make the payment.

You do not have a legal entitlement to a place on a course.

An Uni-ID is required to participate in the courses.

Selecting your course level

If you have prior knowledge of German but do not know your level, please complete the following placement test working alone and without the use of aides: Online placement test. The processing time must not exceed 75 minutes – please take the placement test without interruption. You are welcome to send us your test result by e-mail.

Your course level according to score:

  • 0–24 Points = A1.1
  • 25–48 Points = A1.2
  • 49–73 Points = A2.1
  • 74–96 Points = A2.2
  • 97–121 Points = B1.1
  • 122–144 Points = B1.2
  • 145–167 Points = B2.1
  • 168–192 Points = B2.2
  • 193–217 Points = C1.1
  • 218–240 Points = C1.2

A description of the various ability levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) is available here:



Folder: German courses SDK at the University of Bonn (PDF) 

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