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Statistics: International Students

Statistics: Summer Semester 2018
The following data gives an overview on the distribution of international students at Bonn University.
In Germany, about 2.8 million students are enrolled at 426 higher education institutions (including 106 universities), therof 358,895 foreign students (251.007 at universities) make up percentage proportion of 12.8% of all students in Germany (source: DZHW 2018).
  • Total number of students and the ratio of foreign students at Bonn University:
4.813 or 13,2% of the 36.391 students at University of Bonn are foreign students from 132 countries.
The gender distribution of the 31.578 German students at the University of Bonn is: 17.635 (55,7%) women and 13.943 (44,3%) men. Among foreign students , women also predominate with 2.625 female students (54.5%) compared to 2.188 (45.5%) male students.
Proportion of foreign students SS 2018
  • Proportion: EU- / Non-EU-citizens:
- 1.403 EU citizens (808 female / 595 male) 
- 3.410 non EU citizens (1.817 female / 1.593 male)
Propoertion of EU and non EU citizens SS 2018
  • Countries with more than 100 students: 

Countries with more than 100 foreign students SS 2018 


  • Target degree of our international students: 

Target degree of foreign students SS 2018

  • The most popular study subjects with more than 100 foreign students:

Study subject with more than 100 foreign students SS 2018

  • The allocation of foreign students in faculties:

Foreign students in faculties SS 2018


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