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Campus International

Intercultural exchange is an important and enriching part of campus life at the University of Bonn. Students have multiple possibilities, to specifically gather intercultural experiences and competencies and become involved in an international environment.

Zertifikat für Internationale Kompetenz

The Certificate of International Competence certifies extra-curricular involvement in international areas. Study related stays abroad, language courses, intercultural trainings and much more can be recognized.


The Study-Buddy Program was launched by the International Office to provide information to international newcomers and to help them adjust to the new environment. Every international student gets a so called “Buddy”, i.e. students who are familiar with the university's structures and who will give a helping hand during the stay abroad in Germany.

Internationaler Club

The International Club, run by the International Office, is a great place to meet German and international students. This meeting place offers a wide range of activities for the students of Bonn university during the semester. Just stop by and feel the multicultural atmosphere!

Interkulturelle Trainings

Intercultural competence is an indispensable key competence. During interactive intercultural trainings students get the chance to combine theoretical input with a direct approach to intercultural learning. A reflection on the experience can activate individual development and learning processes - both before and after a stay abroad.

Language Tandem

Tandem language learning means that two students with different native languages work together to learn and practice each other's language in an individual way. The General students´Committee (AStA) and the language center (SLZ) at Bonn university offer “Sprachtandems”.

Studentische Vereine und Initiativen
Student associations and groups  (only available in German) 

As a student of Bonn University you can join and participate in several student groups, associations and projects. Student groups, for example international, political or religious groups, promote exchange between students and offer the possibility to get involved into student life.


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