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Events and Opportunities


Stay up to date with events and opportunities from the Argelander Competence Center. In addition to the calendar below, we encourage you to explore upcoming workshops and funding opportunities. 

We also encourage you to follow our Facebook page, and to sign up for the BGC’s quarterly newsletter, where we announce new training opportunities, funding and other events within the Argelander Program. 

Upcoming Events

March 22 & 23 / July 12 & 13 Doctorate Plus Workshop "Lehren und Lernen"
June 04 & 05 Doctorate Plus Workshop "Strategic Management and Entreprenuerial Thinking"
June 04 Doctorate Plus Workshop "Bewerbungsinterview: Profistärkung und Training Vorstellungsgespräch"
June 06 & 19 Doctorate Plus Workshop "Welcher Job passt zu mir?
June 06 Doctorate Plus Workshop "Besprechungen leiten"
June 07 Doctorate Plus Workshop "Working in Germany's Industry"
June 12 & 13 Doctorate Plus Workshop "Präsentationstraining"
June 12 Doctorate Plus Workshop "Predatory Publishing, Fake Science"
June 13 Doktorhut - Alles Gut?!
June 14 & 15 Doctorate Plus Workshop "Leistungsbeurteilung"
June 14 Doctorate Plus Workshop "Mit innerer Sicherheit in die Wissenschaft"


dated May 28: promotion scholarships from the DBU
dated May 28: Invitaion to an event regarding "digitalization and AI"
dated May 28: Falling Walls Lab Rhineland
dated April 30: PhD Scholarship of the Bundesstiftung für Aufarbeit der SED-Diktatur
dated April 16: Call Positioning the Humanitites in the 2020s
dated April 03, 2019: Next Stop: Job - Students meet employers in the region
dated March 13, 2019: 11th European Plant Science Retreat
dated February 22, 2019: Falling Walls Workshop Young Entrepreneurs in Science
dated February 22, 2019: BioBusiness Summer School
dated February 01, 2019: GO!stralia exclusive doctorate scholarships


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