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About the Bonn Graduate Center


As the central service department for doctoral candidates at the University of Bonn, the Bonn Graduate Center (BGC) can help you choose and navigate a doctoral or postdoctoral program, offer guidance on our comprehensive Doctorate Plus and Postdoc Plus training opportunities, and connect you with other support services and funding. Explore our resources for:


The staff of the Bonn Graduate Center (BGC) offers individual consultation to help you in navigating and financing your doctoral studies and planning your academic career after your doctoral training. If you have any questions during your time at the University of Bonn, please let us know. We are happy to help in any way we can.

The BGC can assist you with issues such as:


Due to the current contact restrictions, consultation is only possible by phone or online. Please contact our team by phone or email to schedule an appointment.

Quality Assurance

The BGC also provides ongoing quality assurance for doctoral and postdoctoral candidates at the University, coordinates the implementation of a software for doctoral data management and can assist you as an instructor in developing your own structured doctoral program.

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