Fairer Februar

Campaign Month "Fairer Februar"

The University of Bonn invites all its members to take part in the many varied initiatives and events about sustainability as well as to come up with ideas for own campaigns.

Fairer Februar 2024

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the numerous exciting activities!

  • First carnival costume swap, organised by Team N - swap, give away and upcycle costumes.

  • Premiere of GreenScreen, the cinema with a focus on sustainability at the Brotfabrik Bonn-Beuel; Prof. Dr Jakob Rhyner provided the impetus with the film "Roter Himmel" (2022).

* GreenScreen is a cinema format that takes place 6 times a year in the cinema in the Brotfabrik as a cooperation between Team N of the University of Bonn and the Bonner Kinemathek.

  • Upcycling workshop at the Bundeskunsthalle, based on the current Kant exhibition with the theme "Illumination: making lights from PET bottles, records, CDs and more".

  • Craft instructions for a sustainable origami heart to give as a gift on Valentine's Day - and beyond.

  • Recipe idea for a fair banana bread from Wertvoll NRW, a project of the NRW consumer advice centre.

We look forward to presenting you many more campaigns in our next "Mighty May 2024" campaign month!

Fairer Februar 2023

  • Digital University-wide flea market on the Confluence platform

  • Contest: Biodiversity and Protecting Insects—make your own “bug hotel”

  • Recycling for protecting our nature and the environment, e.g. in cooperation with NABU

  • Public sustainability assembly at the University Hospital Bonn

  • Recipe and sustainability tips from the NEiS Project

A big thank-you to everyone who took part in the many thrilling events

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© Universität Bonn

Fairer Februar 2022

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© Universität Bonn

There are many sides to sustainability. The Fairer Februar 2022 campaign saw a new round of fascinating initiatives organized with various partners. These highlighted how and where each of us can help foster a culture of sustainability at our University and in our daily lives.

  • Sustainability To Go! - Digital City Walks, Service Learning in cooperation with NEiS
  • Digital flea market
  • Contest to support biodiversity and protect the birds—make your own feeders and fat balls
  • Online “Kochtopf Alaaf!” cooking workshop from NEiS

Thank you for helping drive our efforts forward! We looking forward to even more campaigns and events together.

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