Idea Check

We all have one inside us: a good idea. We can help you with yours. The start-up coaches at the Transfer Center enaCom will listen to your idea, assess its potential and show you ways to become self-employed. We give University of Bonn students, researchers, employees and alumni the opportunity to receive answers to all their questions with the obligation of confidentiality.

Open consultation

Our start-up coaches are always available on 1st Tuesday every month starting at 9am for anyone to come in for an idea check. Just drop by Zoom!

Initial Consulting

Can I realize my start-up idea? As it is the key to a successful start-up, you discuss your idea with our start-up coaches during your initial consulting. It is therefore essential to have it professionally examined and improved in the initial stage, since not all good ideas become a good business idea.

 During the initial consulting we work with you to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses, and find ways to improve it. This prevents your start-up from failing because the idea was not fully developed. We therefore discuss, for example, the unique selling point (USP) and quality of your business idea during the idea check in the initial consulting. We also check the personal requirements needed for a start-up, as a successful start-up also depends on the founder's personality.

Young scientists are advised.
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The Path to Self-Employment

If your idea for a start-up is promising, the start-up coaches will discuss the next step with you, namely how to actually implement the idea. We work with you to find a way to realize your idea and give you the tools you need to take the next step into self-employment and entrepreneurship. How do we achieve the desired success?

 The path to a successful start-up is long and full of challenges. It includes, for example, the question of how to make the business idea profitable. What product or service do you bring to the market? How big is the market for your product? Other important questions concern the know-how your team needs and the necessary support, such as coaching, that your project can receive.


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Anna Müller

Start-up Coach


Brühler Str. 7


+49 228 73-62003

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Vesna Domuz

Start-up Coach


Brühler Str. 7

53119 Bonn

+49 0228 73-62008

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