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Paläontologie [Paleontology] (Master of Science)

Paläontologie [Paleontology] (Master of Science)


The research-oriented degree program Paleontology has an excellent reputation both in Germany and abroad since all sub-fields of paleontology are firmly anchored on both the research and the instruction sides: Invertebrate Paleontology, Vertebrate Paleontology, Micropaleontology and Paleobotany.

The commitment of researchers and staff is reflected in the excellent international ratings of their research work and the high degree of qualification of early-career researchers. The activities of this program are integrated into the central research theme Evolution of the Earth and of Life and linked to the other areas of the Institute for Geosciences and Meteorology through intensive collaboration (e.g. climate archives, geochemistry of dinosaur bones, biomineralization). The degree program includes a small group of compulsory modules that is common to all geosciences master’s degree programs (Paleontology, Geology and Geochemistry/Petrology). These shared courses serve to promote the scientific exchange of ideas among students. In addition, students gain an overview of the different geoscience work methods in the various specialized areas, opening up the prospect of interdisciplinary projects.

Possible lines of work:

Applied geology (groundwater resources, development aid, environmental protection, georisks), ministries and government offices (environmental protection), geological services, raw materials exploration/use and production materials (industrial sector), public relations, museums, academia (teaching/research at universities, research institutions, etc.)


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