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Molekulare Biomedizin [Molecular Biomedicine]

Molekulare Biomedizin [Molecular Biomedicine]

Photo: S. Hoch/Universität Bonn

The Bachelor's course in Molecular Biomedicine combines methods and the molecular understanding of the natural sciences with current contents of medicine. The goal is to obtain a molecular understanding of the mechanisms and functions of complex life processes and to understand the pathophysiology of human diseases. This is also the basis for the development of new diagnostics and therapy approaches, which are intended to combat human diseases. Internationally renowned scientists and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment are available for the training. In order to ensure an efficient study, the students are advised and supervised by the lecturers (mentor system) throughout the course. An international compatibility of the study program is made possible through the application of the ECTS credit point system. The study places will be awarded by a University Selection Procedure.


This degree program’s language of instruction is German and English. For further information please refer to our German website. 

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