Orientation Course

This page provides you with some helpful information concerning the Orientation Course, German courses for study abroad students and what cultural program the International Office offers during the Orientation Course.

Who can participate?

The four-week Orientation Course takes place before the beginning of each semester in September or March.

It will make your settling-in period easier as you get used to your new living and studying environment. This course will prepare you for what is to come during the semester. Additionally to intensive language classes, we also offer study groups on culture and language. 

Participate in our extensive extracurricular cultural program, which will give you an impression of German culture, history and society.

While the Orientation Course is an integral part of the Junior Year Program, it is optional for exchange students but we strongly recommend it. Exchange students need to pay the program fee themselves.

Learning German

During the Orientation Course language classes are held daily. Your German course is fitted to your language level. We offer German language courses for beginners (from A1) up to advanced learners (B1/2). Additionally, we offer a number of interesting study groups, which are optional.

The German language courses held throughout the semester are built upon the classes taught during the Orientation Course.
You will receive credits for the Orientation Course and your final grade for this course will show on your transcript.

Cultural Program during the Orientation Course

Aside from academic courses, the International Office offers you an extensive cultural program throughout your stay, including museum visits and regional trips.

These activities and excursions are specifically selected to cover various topics and eras of German history in order to help you understand and learn as much as possible about Germany, its history, its culture and society.


Marksburg and Wine Tasting

Driving through the romantic Rhine Valley, we will reach a unique medieval hilltop castle. The knight’s hall together with the Gothic castle kitchen and armory give you a lively insight into the past.


Afterwards there will be a wine tasting in the lovely Ahr Valley at the vintners' cooperative Mayschoss. 



Guided Tour through Bonn

We will show you special places in Bonn. You can choose between three guided tours: Discover the southern part of Bonn which is known for its beautiful Gründerzeit buildings and a well frequented area by students. Follow Beethoven’s tracks through the inner city or explore historically important places of the former government district.



Day trip to Trier

Our excursion leads us to the oldest city in Germany. The former Roman imperial residence and capital of the Western Roman Empire offers over 2000 years if history. In the course of a guided tour we will visit some of the most famous evidences of the Roman time: the Porta Nigra, the Konstantinbasilika and the imperial thermal bath.




We would like to hike with you to the Drachenfels which is situated in the beautiful Siebengebirge. Our path will lead us through a lovely valley, past meadows and various buildings.

www.nibelungen-koenigswinter.de  www.drachenfels.net


Haus der Geschichte

In the “House of History” in Bonn German history comes to life: You will find about 7000 original exhibits ranging from the chancellor’s saloon car, an original 50’s cinema and parts of the Berlin Wall to Honecker’s warrant and the first Green-Card for a foreign IT- specialist.



Immerse Yourself into the German Culture

Really getting to know Germany is an important part of the study abroad experience. Bonn offers you various programs to meet German citizens, become acquainted with their culture, and expand your "Bonn experience":


Bonn Buddy-Program

A Bonn Buddy will help you to get along in Bonn and at the University during your first semester. Junior Year Program and direct exchange students can sign up for this program before their arrival in Bonn. Every participant will get an inivation email. For further information, please contact the Junior Year Team ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]).

Here some of the events in our Buddy Program:

  • Casino Evening
  • Karaoke
  • Minigolf
  • Picnic
  • Crafting Lanterns (seasonal event)
  • Easter Customs (seasonal event)



Preliminary Time Table for the Orientation Course

Here you can find the preliminary time table for the Orientation Course. Please note that the time table is subject to changes.
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