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Housing in Bonn


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As in many other university towns in Germany, affordable rooms for students are in high demand. Therefore you should look for accommodation as soon as possible. We even recoomend looking before you have received confirmation of your Erasmus nomination. 

Infoquadrat-15px.png Please note: You should not arrive in Bonn without having rented a room or at least having organised a place to stay for the time you are looking for permanent accommodation.
The University of Bonn's International Office, itself, cannot arrange accommodation for you but will support you with as much information and advice as possible.

Studierendenwerk Student Dormitories

Erasmus students may apply to rent a room or appartment in one of the Studierendenwerk's student dormitories. The rent can range between 196,56 € and 560 € per month, depending on size and location.

Please be aware that some Studierendenwerk dormitories, especially the cheaper ones, are older and are furnished with only the basic necessities. If you are looking for more all-inclusive accomodation, please also have a look at these private dormitories.

Infoquadrat-15px.png Please carefully read our info sheet "How to Apply for a Room in Studierendenwerk Dormitories" and the "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Studierendenwerk Dormitories"!

Infoquadrat-15px.pngDue to high demand, a room in a Studierendenwerk student dormitory is not guaranteed. Therefore it is highly recommended to take alternative housing possibilities into serious consideration and to look for them while your application with Studierendenwerk is being processed. 

Other Accommodation Options

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