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The Museums and Collections of the University of Bonn

The museums and exhibitions in Bonn, many of which are maintained by the University of Bonn, make an important contribution to its reputation as a city of culture.  The University of Bonn has opened a great part of its museum collections to public access ever since its foundation in 1818. Originally established as centers of research, these museums have made a central and ongoing contribution to academic life at the University of Bonn. This web page provides information about and links to the various University museums and collections.

A yellow death mask exhibited on a glass table.
© Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn

The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum of the University of Bonn has displayed a wide range of ancient Egyptian artifacts since 2001.

Three young adults are considering a number of statues.
© Frank Homann/Uni Bonn

The Academic Museum of Art

Discover one of the largest collections of plaster casts of sculptures from classical antiquity.

Two historical calculating machines exhibited on a table.
© Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn

The Arithmeum

The history and design of mechanical calculating machines in a building which is an aesthetic statement in itself. 

The picture shows a pond and a range of green plants in a greenhouse in the Botanic Garden.
© C. Löhne/Uni Bonn

The Bonatic Garden

The palace gardens, arboretum, Toromiro, Mediterranean House or our garden of useful plants... Some 11,000 types of plants are waiting for you in our gardens.

Fossilized marine animals and plants are exhibited in a number of glass cabinets.
© Goldfuß-Museum/Uni Bonn

The Goldfuß Museum

Showing fossils from all over the world, this museum takes its visitors back to primeval times.

© Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn

The Horst Stoeckel Museum

Established in 2020 as Europe’s only museum focusing on the history of anesthesia, this is the first virtual museum from the University of Bonn. 

Two young women are viewing stones exhibited in a glass case.
© Barbara Frommann/Uni Bonn

The Mineralogical Museum

Gemstones, minerals and other stones attract both children and researchers alike to Poppelsdorfer Palace.

The picture shows a part of the Bonn Ancient America collection.
© Uni Bonn

The Bonn Ancient America Collection

With some 10,000 objects, the collection ranges over the material culture of countless American indigenous societies. 

Eine Wissenschaftlerin und ein Wissenschaftler arbeiten hinter einer Glasfassade und mischen Chemikalien mit Großgeräten.
© Meike Böschemeyer/Uni Bonn

The Paul Clemen Museum

The collection of the University art history museum traverses the history of western art, including plaster casts of sculptures from late antiquity to the 19th century, contemporary pieces and “re-mades” for teaching purposes.

© Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn

Museum of the University of Bonn

The museum shows the history of the University of Bonn and its development from its establishment to the present day, encompassing academia, research, student life and university tradition. 

Zoologisches Museum Alexander Koenig
© Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn

Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig

The research and natural history museum is always headed by a professor of Zoology at the University of Bonn.  

The picture shows historic dental operating equipment.
© Dentalhistorische Sammlung/Uni Bonn

The Historical Dentistry Collection 

Treatment chairs, drills, clamps and dental impressions from the history of dentistry. The collection was established by Gustav Korkhaus. 


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