Your contact persons
in division 3.3 - scientific staff

Contact Persons and Responsibilities

Avatar Dykmanns

Petra Dykmanns

Division Management


+49 228 73-5431

Avatar Martins

Iris Martins

Assistance to the Head of Division


+49 228 73-6710

Contact Persons for Subject Area 1

Subject area 1 covers the entire area of the Faculty of Law and Political Science. 

Avatar Kalkkuhl

Klaus Kalkkuhl

Contact Person for the Area of Law


+49 228 73-7377

Avatar Steiner

Stefanie Steiner

Contact Person for the FB Mgmt. WIWI, the Institute of Macroeconomics, the Institute of Microeconomics and the Institute of Applied Microeco


+49 228 73-3894

Avatar Dabrowska

Joanna Dabrowska

Contact Person for ZEF, ZEI, BGSE, CENs, EDV-Service Group, Inst. Int. Wirtp., Inst. f. Finance ök. (IFS) and the Lab. f. Exp. eco. Research


+49 228 73-9377

Contact Persons for Subject Area 2

Subject area 2 includes mathematics, computer science, earth science, biology, and pharmacy.

Avatar Thieme

Pia Thieme

Unit Manager


+49 228 73-5191

Avatar Wagener

Anika Wagener

Contact Person for Earth Sciences


+49 228 73-5856

Avatar Schwanenberg

Tim Schwanenberg

Contact Person for the Field of Mathematics


+49 228 73-6712

Avatar Block

Ralf Block

Contact Person for the Area of Information Technology


+49 228 73-9378

Avatar Bläser

Christine Bläser

Contact Person for the Fields of Biology and Pharmacy


+49 228 73-7446

Avatar Rinker

Pia-Leonie Rinker

Contact Person for Lecturers


+49 228 73-7746

Contact Persons for Subject Area 3

Subject area 3 includes physics, astronomy, chemistry, the Helmholtz Institute, the LIMES Institute and the Faculty of Medicine. 

Avatar Buchsbaum

Birgit Buchsbaum

Unit Manager


+49 228 73-5595

Avatar Edmeier

Sonja Edmeier

Contact Person for the Dean's Office/Faculty, the School of Medicine, and the LIMES Institute.


+49 228 73-3838

Avatar Meyknecht

Ute Meyknecht

Contact Person for Physics and Astronomy


+49 228 73-7779

Avatar Brás Branquinho

Silke Brás Branquinho

Contact Person for the Helmholtz Institute


+49 228 73-60916

Avatar Görlich

Britta Görlich

Contact Person for Chemistry


+49 228 73-9376

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