Organization and Institutions

Organization and Institutions

The University of Bonn is structured into a large number of organizations and units dedicated to research, teaching and administration. Here is an overview of the organizational structure of the University of Bonn. 

University Management

The University is led by the Rectorate, consisting of the Rector, the Provost and the Vice Rectors.

Governing Bodies

The various committees and bodies of the University of Bonn represent the interests of all groups and constitute its “central nervous system”.


Academic life at the University is organized in seven faculties and a number of academic units.

University Administration

The University administration under the leadership of the Provost is structured into divisions and units.

Student Representative Bodies and other Organizations

The student body of the University of Bonn is self-governing, and represents the interests of all students through various representative bodies and other organizations.

Further Services and Facilities

The many units and bodies established at the University of Bonn perform a wide range of tasks. We would like to present them here.


The holdings of the various libraries at the University of Bonn range into the many millions and are accessible for research and teaching. Our libraries are real “mines of knowledge”.

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