Sustainability Mission Statement

Working Together For Sustainability — the University of Bonn Mission Statement

Many worrying changes all over the world, most notably those affecting the climate, biodiversity and the consumption of raw materials, demonstrate the need to set sustainability up as the key principle guiding society’s actions and seize opportunities for technological and societal advancement. We therefore have a particularly strong commitment to sustainability in order to secure a future worth living in!

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Excellence of Responsibility

As an accredited University of Excellence, we have a particular responsibility to empower future generations to make society fit for the future and treat nature and its resources responsibly.

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Participation and student involvement

Participation and transparency are key guiding principles of our actions, which we embrace primarily through a variety of participative formats. To this end, we bring students in particular actively on board and incorporate them into our structures in their capacity as drivers of sustainability.

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Home advantage

As the home of numerous non-governmental organizations and the German city of the United Nations, Bonn offers a unique advantage as a location that we as a University build on in many different ways and that helps us expand our partnerships further.

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Sustainability in Research

We are supporting inter- and transdisciplinary research and promoting the transfer of research findings into day-to day work and society according to helping  its transformation processes.

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Sustainability in Teaching

We are developing new learning offerings, which are being incorporated into the various subject curricula so that sustainability is becoming visible as an integral part of degree programs and all students are able to address that topic both in an interdisciplinary and practically focused way.

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Sustainability in Operations

We want to gradually reduce environmental pollution and resource consumption with the aim of achieving climate neutrality. This is why we are demanding for political support that will enable our University to become climate-neutral and will support it along this journey.

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Communication and Transfer

We foster dialogue between key sustainability players at our University in order to promote a responsible approach to nature and its resources and to establish a culture of sustainability.

We also support dialogue between science, academia, business and society and encourage partnerships through a targeted range of services that bring the various partners together on sustainability issues.

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We get involved in a wide range of regional, national and international networks in order to exchange ideas, learn from one another and drive sustainability forward together with our partners, including beyond the University itself.

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We include all University members in our whole-ofinstitution approach, recognizing diversity as an opportunity to shape the process of transforming our University together by harnessing the possibilities and experiences that each one of us brings.

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