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SpeedReading - how to read quickly and effectively

Do you have to read a lot in your professional life and do you feel this is a time waster or a stress factor? Would you like to be able to read faster, still understand the content and thus gain time? These goals can be achieved with our seminar "SpeedReading - quickly and effectively". In the one-day seminar, you will learn how to increase your reading speed and improve your text comprehension with the help of different techniques.

The seminars are held in German.

New dates in planning.

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Impulse lecture and workshop series 'strengthened for stressful times'

Countless meetings, e-mails on end, disturbing phone calls - stress is omnipresent in your everyday working life. Would you like to learn how stress can bounce off you?

During the impulse lecture, speaker Ludwika Fichte will give you a compact introduction to the background and influencing factors of stress and present how proactive coping strategies contribute to a beneficial way of dealing with stress. In the following series of workshops you will get to know your personal stress triggers and amplifiers and will be given anti-stress strategies to fight stress.

The lecture and workshop series are held in German. 

New dates in planning.

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Seminar 'eye school for VDU work'

In this seminar you will learn about connections between your eyes and your body in order to strengthen your vision, prevent fatigue and reduce stress from working at a computer screen. The seminar makes an important contribution to healthy vision and includes many practical exercises to implement in everyday work.

New dates in planning.

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The break time express

University Sports provide a virtual 15-minute exercise program which makes for the perfect break in your working day.

Dial in to the Zoom call or join us on site with professional trainers demonstrating exercises for mobilization, strength, stretching and relaxation. The focus of the exercises rests on the neck, back and shoulders. You do not need any sportswear or special equipment to be able to participate in an excellent exercise program designed to be performed in the workplace.

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Sport at work

University Sports offers a wide range of exercise and sports activities for all staff, such as Pilates, yoga or back training.

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Mobile massages

Would you like to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday work life and feel the soothing effect of a massage using the TouchLife method?

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Quit smoking

In a newly developed online format following the certified Smoke-Free program, the Institute of General Practice and Family Medicine at the University of Bonn provides courses helping you to give up smoking.

You can claim for a proportion of the course fees from your statutory health insurance provider—simply submit confirmation of participation.

Course dates currently in planning. New course dates will be announced on our website.

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Human resource development

Take part in a range of events focusing on topics such as career orientation, project management, intercultural training or work strategies. The events are open to all University staff. Specialist events have also been planned, aimed at apprentices, new members of staff and doctoral students.

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