DSH Examination

German Language Proficiency Test for Admission to Higher Education (DSH)

The DSH is a German language examination which certifies sufficient German skills for studying at a German university. The DSH consists of a written and an oral examination.

General information

Examination fee: €140

Entry to the examination requires proven payment of the fee.

Summer semester 2024

Registration deadline: February 23, 2024
Written examination: March 08, 2024
Oral examination: March 20–22, 2024

Winter semester 2024/2025

Registration deadline: August 30, 2024
Written examination: September 13, 2024
Oral examination: September 25–27, 2024

The written DSH consists of three parts

  1. Written comprehension (LV) and academic language structures (WS)
  2. Listening comprehension (HV)
  3. Performing a written task following set instructions (TP)

An exact description of the individual elements of the examination can be found in the DSH-Prüfungsordnung (PDF).

Please note the following examination rules:

  1. Candidates may not have access to a cellular phone, a smart phone or a smart watch for the duration of the examination.
  2. Candidates may only write on the examination papers with a non-erasable ball-point pen. Candidates may not use an erasable felt pen (e.g. Frixion Tintenroller) or lead pencils. The use of Tippex is prohibited. Non-compliance with these rules will lead to the papers not being marked.
  3. Candidates may make use of a German-German dictionary; bilingual dictionaries are prohibited.
  4. Dictionaries brought into the examination may not contain hand-written notes; this will be classified as attempted misconduct.

Any infringement of these regulations will result in immediate exclusion from the DSH examination; the candidate will be awarded a FAIL grade.


Musterprüfung DSH (HV): Die Bedeutung der Familie (Audio)
Musterprüfung DSH (HV): Transkript, Aufgaben und Lösungen (PDF)
Musterprüfung DSH (LV): Text, Aufgaben und Lösungen (PDF)
Musterprüfung DSH (WS): Aufgaben und Lösungen (PDF)
Musterprüfung DSH (TP): Aufgaben und Erwartungshorizont (PDF)

2023 DSH results for the University of Bonn compared to other universities nationwide (PDF)

The oral examination is conducted individually and consists of three parts:

  1. An introductory phase with a presentation,
  2. A short presentation on a general academic or current socio-political issue,
  3. Questions on the student’s presentation and/ or their field of study.

The questions section will not exceed 20 minutes.


Musterprüfung DSH (MP): Text und Aufgaben (PDF)

Acceptance and Admission

The DSH provided at the University of Bonn is since December 23, 2021 with the HRK (university rectors' conference) registered - registration number: 32-12/21. The DSH certificate can be accepted at other universities all over Germany.

Registered DSH-examination regulations

Applicants from non-EU states can only sit the DSH at the University of Bonn after they have been granted admission to the University of Bonn!

Applicants from EU states can register for the DSH directly with the German as a Foreign Language section via email.

Holders of the DSH 2 certificate are eligible for enrollment in almost all degree programs at the University of Bonn.

DSH 3 is required for the following degree program:

  • Master of Education

For the following degree programs, DSH 1 is sufficient:

  • English Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Anthropology of the Americas (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Spanish Culture in its European Context (Master of Arts)
  • Latin American Cultural Studies (Master of Arts)
  • Applied Linguistics (Master of Arts)
  • North American Studies (Master of Arts)
  • English Literatures and Cultures (Master of Arts)
  • Spanish Culture and European Identity (Master of Arts)

Cases in which individuals are exempt from the DSH requirement are regulated in the DSH examination regulations at the University of Bonn. Applications for exemption from the DSH examination are to be submitted to the examination committee chairperson Dr. Andrea Lax-Küten via email.

Further Information:

DSH Preparatory Courses

The University of Bonn provides language courses for university applicants who wish to prepare for the German Language Proficiency Test for Admission to Higher Education (DSH).


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