CAPES Visiting Professorship Scheme, Brazil

Individual funding

Funding is available for an exceptional team of researchers (professor, postdoc, doctoral student) from Brazil for between 6 and 10 or 12 months.

Focus topic for 2024
Indigenous Ontology and Ethics (apply by October 31, 2023)

Focus topic for 2025
Agriculture and Biodiversity, Bioeconomy (apply by October 31, 2024)

Focus topic for 2026
Medicine, Global Health and Immunology (apply by October 31, 2025)

Submission Deadline

Applications to start between September and November in a given year must be submitted by October 31 of the previous year.

The Brazilian professors will send their applications in to CAPES directly.

Funding Conditions

The Brazilian funding agency CAPES (Coordination of Superior Level Staff Improvement) is helping to strengthen ties between researchers at the University of Bonn and their counterparts from Brazil by funding a visiting professorship scheme at the University. The scheme enables research into and teaching on topics of common interest and facilitates knowledge-sharing. The long-term aim is to establish and consolidate partnerships between the institutions where the researchers involved are based.

CAPES will put up all of the funding.

In your capacity as host at the University of Bonn, you will integrate the team into the infrastructure in your institute or department (workstations, involvement in its/ your day-to-day work).

The funding is for a team from Brazil consisting of a professor (who is eligible to put their name forward), a postdoc and a doctoral student. Funding is available for 6–12 months for the professorship, 6–10 months for the postdoc position and 6–10 months for the doctoral student position.

Brazilian professors with at least 15 years’ experience in their field (i.e. who have held a doctorate under Brazilian law for at least 15 years) and a long-term affiliation with a university or research institution in Brazil are eligible for funding.

Please see the call for applications issued by CAPES (only available in Portuguese) for a detailed list of applicant requirements.

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  • Monthly payment
  • Contribution to travel expenses
  • Contribution to health insurance
  • Installation allowance
  • Further support funds potentially available depending on location

The selection will be made by the funding provider CAPES in consultation with the University of Bonn.

The Brazilian professor will submit their application to CAPES directly. The relevant host professor will propose the names of the postdoc and doctoral student.

Applications may be prepared together with Brazilian partners.


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