Bonn Global Cooperation Fund

Project Funding

Funding for joint international research and teaching projects, preferably in preparation of international third-party grant proposals (up to €20,000).

Submission Deadline

A new call for 2025 is expected to open in May 2024.

Currently no Call

Funding Conditions

The Bonn Global Cooperation Fund is intended to initiate and grow international collaborations in research and teaching, primarily collaborations with universities in priority countries for international cooperation. These funds are intended to be used to prepare third-party funding proposals for joint projects.

Applicant teams should consider how they can take meaningful steps in their collaborations to adhere to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles and foster an environment that values, supports and respects a diverse range of views, knowledge and experiences. Applicants should consider DEI as it applies to e.g., gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, (dis)ability, and career stages. 

Any measures that go toward preparing proposals for specific third-party funding, e.g. workshops, conferences, conducting test series, fact-finding missions, digital measures to support teaching and research, etc. Proposals can also cover multiple measures as long as they are needed for the successful completion of the project and increase the chances of success when applying for third-party funds.

Personnel expenses are excluded from this funding. Travel expenses and project costs of cooperation partners from non-university research institutions cannot be covered.

Projects already funded (PDF)

A maximum of €20,000 per proposal can be approved. The funds can cover the following:

  • Expenses for University of Bonn research staff to travel to the partner country (transportation, accommodation, and per diem rates in accordance with the Travel Expenses Act of the State of NRW)
  • Travel allowances for project partners (depending on country of origin) who travel to Bonn from abroad as well as allowances of €160 per day for their stay in Bonn (including day of arrival and departure) 
  • For justified exceptions (e.g. for the initiation of teaching collaborations), funding for travel expenses for Bonn or international students (according to your own estimate);
  • Material expenses for research activities, events, and hospitality

When calculating costs, please note the instructions in the financing plan (Excel table, download here).

  • Quality and status of the cooperation project 
  • Plausibility of the work plan and research outcomes
  • Previous contacts or joint projects with the cooperation partners
  • Medium-term prospects for third-party funding for the joint collaboration project

Researchers of the University of Bonn who have completed a doctorate.

  • Online form
  • Project description (PDF of max. 6 pages, exluding short CVs), consisting of:
    1. An outline of the project for which a third-party funding proposal will be prepared
      1. Project objectives
      2. Background and previous work as appropriate
      3. Research approach and methods
    2. A work plan and schedule for the initiation phase being applied for here
    3. A strategy and schedule for the long-term financing of the project
    4. Adherence to Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles
    5. Short CVs (max. 2 pages) of all persons that funding is applied for, including their roles in the project initiation phase
  • A financing plan, including the persons involved, their lengths of stay, and material expenses applied for (please use this Excel table)


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