Volker Busskamp
Prof. Dr. Volker Busskamp
  • Universitäts-Augenklinik Bonn
Research topics
  • retina
  • stem cells
  • bioengineering
  • visual neuroscience
In order to understand how parts of the human brain, especially the retina, function in health and disease, we perform an interdisciplinary and integrative approach combining stem cell research, systems biology, bioengineering, biomedicine with visual neuroscience. Our ultimate goal is to develop innovative therapies to protect, preserve and restore visual functions.
Selected publications

Kutsche LK, Gysi DM, Fallmann J, Lenk K, Petri R, Swiersy A, Klapper SD, Pircs K, et al. (2018), Combined Experimental and System-Level Analyses Reveal the Complex Regulatory Network of miR-124 during Human Neurogenesis. Cell Syst 7:438-452 e438.

Busskamp V, Krol J, Nelidova D, Daum J, Szikra T, Tsuda B, Juttner J, Farrow K, et al. (2014), miRNAs 182 and 183 are necessary to maintain adult cone photoreceptor outer segments and visual function. Neuron 83:586-600.

Busskamp V, Lewis NE, Guye P, Ng AH, Shipman SL, Byrne SM, Sanjana NE, Murn J, et al. (2014), Rapid neurogenesis through transcriptional activation in human stem cells. Mol Syst Biol 10:760.

Busskamp V, Duebel J, Balya D, Fradot M, Viney TJ, Siegert S, Groner AC, Cabuy E, et al. (2010), Genetic reactivation of cone photoreceptors restores visual responses in retinitis pigmentosa. Science 329:413-417.

Volker Busskamp
Prof. Dr. Volker Busskamp
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