Ulrike Attenberger
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Attenberger
  • Klinik für Diagnostische and Interventionelle Radiologie, Universitätsklinikum Bonn
Research topics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • oncologic imaging
  • high-end MRI technology
Scientifically, the focus of Prof. Attenberger lies on the creation of structured, integrative in-clinic databases that enable the development of AI-based clinical decision support systems. This will provide the basis for future data-based treatment of even the most severely or complexly ill patients and enables standardized data exchange in a national or international context. Further, she addresses the formulation of strategies to improve disease understanding by exploiting the novel capabilities of AI-based medical image analysis and high-end imaging techniques such as the introduction of AI techniques for quantitative disease characterization and the development of imaging-based biomarkers. She is particularly interested in process digitization in healthcare and the judicious use of AI to optimize diagnosis and therapy. She leads the KI.NRW flagship project "Innovative Secure Medical Campus UKB".
Selected publications

1. Attenberger UI, Haneder S, Morelli JN, Diehl SJ, Schoenberg SO, Michaely HJ (2010) Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease: Evaluation of a High Spatial and Temporal Resolution 3-T MR Protocol with a Low Total Dose of Gadolinium versus Conventional Angiography. Radiology 257:879-887.

2. Luetkens JA, Nowak S, Mesropyan N, Block W, Praktiknjo M, Chang J, Bauckhage C, Sifa R, Sprinkart AM, Faron A, Attenberger U (2022) Deep learning supports the differentiation of alcoholic and other-than-alcoholic cirrhosis based on MRI. Sci Rep 12:8297.

3. Michaely HJ, Metzger L, Haneder S, Hansmann J, Schoenberg SO, Attenberger UI (2012) Renal BOLD-MRI does not reflect renal function in chronic kidney disease. Kidney Int 81:684-689.

4. Michaely HJ, Morelli JN, Budjan J, Riffel P, Nickel D, Kroeker R, Schoenberg SO, Attenberger UI (2013) CAIPIRINHA-Dixon-TWIST (CDT)-volume-interpolated breath-hold examination (VIBE): a new technique for fast time-resolved dynamic 3-dimensional imaging of the abdomen with high spatial resolution. Invest Radiol 48:590-597.

Ulrike Attenberger
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Attenberger
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