Ulrich Ettinger
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ettinger
  • Institut für Psychologie
Research topics
  • cognition
  • brain function
  • psychiatric disorders
Ulrich Ettinger studies cognition and brain function in healthy individuals, their impairments in the spectrum of psychiatric disorders, and strategies for their improvement. Methods include experimental psychological and psychometric approaches, functional and structural neuroimaging, clinical assessments and pharmacological challenges.
Selected publications

Faßbender K, Baumert PM, Wintergerst MWM, Terheyden JH, Aslan B, Harmening W, Ettinger U (2023). GABAergic Involvement in Selective Attention. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 35(6):976-989.

Coors A, Imtiaz MA, Boenniger MM, Aziz NA, Breteler MMB, Ettinger U (2023). Polygenic Risk Scores for Schizophrenia Are Associated with Oculomotor Endophenotypes. Psychological Medicine 53:1611-1619.

Lehmann M, Neumann C, Wasserthal S, Schultz J, Delis A, Trautner P, Hurlemann R, Ettinger U (2021). Effects of Ketamine on Brain Function during Metacognition of Episodic Memory. Neuroscience of Consciousness 7(1):niaa028.

Schröder R, Kasparbauer AM, Meyhöfer I, Steffens M, Trautner P, Ettinger U (2020). Functional Connectivity During Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements. Journal of Neurophysiology 124(6):1839-1856.

Ulrich Ettinger
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ettinger
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