Tobias Rose
Prof. Dr. Tobias Rose
  • Institute for Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research
Research topics
  • learning and memory
  • circuit dynamics
In my group at the IEECR we study the stability and stabilization of the neural code in sensation and memory. We address the “stability-plasticity-conundrum” in the mouse visual system, retrosplenial cortex, and hippocampal formation on multiple scales, ranging from the synaptic to the circuit level. We focus on establishing novel densely quantified behavioral paradigms, emphasizing unrestrained behavior, longitudinal synapse- and circuit-level optophysiology, and the use and further development of both miniaturized and bench-top two-photon microscopy. Ultimately, we aim to better understand the circuit dynamics underlying complex visually guided behavior and learning and memory.
Selected publications

Bauer, J.*, Weiler, S.*, Fernholz, M.H.P.*, Laubender, D., Scheuss, V., Hübener, M., Bonhoeffer, T., Rose, T. (2021). Limited functional convergence of eye-specific inputs in the retinogeniculate pathway of the mouse. Neuron 1–12.

Jaepel, J., Hübener, M., Bonhoeffer, T., Rose, T. (2017). Lateral geniculate neurons projecting to primary visual cortex show ocular dominance plasticity in adult mice. Nature Neuroscience, 20, 1708–1714.

Rose T., Jaepel J., Hübener M., Bonhoeffer T. (2016). Cell-specific restoration of stimulus preference after monocular deprivation in the visual cortex. Science, 352, 1319–1322.

Rose, T., Schoenenberger, P., Jezek, K. and Oertner, T.G. (2013). Developmental refinement of vesicle Cycling at Schaffer Collateral Synapses. Neuron, 77, 1109–1121.

Tobias Rose
Prof. Dr. Tobias Rose
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