Thomas Schultz
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schultz
  • Bonn-Aachen International Center for IT (b-it)
  • Institute for Computer Science
Research topics
  • image analysis
  • data visualization
  • machine learning
I am heading the Visualization and Medical Image Analysis Group at the b-it and Institute of Computer Science, which focuses on the development and integration of computational tools for quantitative image analysis, machine learning, and interactive visualization, in order to gain insights from large, complex, and dynamic image data. On the application side, our experience focuses on neuroimaging and ophthalmology, but we are always open to new topics and collaborations.
Selected publications

Gruen J, Groeschel S, Schultz T (2023) Spatially Regularized Low-Rank Tensor Approximation for Accurate and Fast Tractography. NeuroImage 271, 120004

Morelle O, Wintergerst MWM, Finger RP, Schultz T (2023) Accurate drusen segmentation in optical coherence tomography via order-constrained regression of retinal layer heights. Scientific Reports 13, 8162

Khatami M, Wehler R, Schultz T (2022) Parcellation-Free Prediction of Task fMRI Activations from dMRI Tractography. Medical Image Analysis 76, 102317

Gorgi Zadeh S, Wintergerst MWM, Schultz T (2019) Intelligent interaction and uncertainty visualization for efficient drusen and retinal layer segmentation in Optical Coherence Tomography. Computers and Graphics 83:51-61

Thomas Schultz
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schultz
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