Thomas Becker
Prof. Dr. Thomas Becker
  • Institut für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie
Research topics
  • mitochondria
  • protein quality control
  • protein transport
Mitochondria import more than 99% of their proteins that are produced as precursors on cytosolic ribosomes. The translocase of the outer membrane (TOM complex) forms the entry gate for almost all mitochondrial precurcor proteins. Subsequently, dedicated protein translocases sort the proteins into the mitochondrial subcompartment. We investigate control that monitor and adapt protein transport into mitochondria to meet cellular requirements.
Selected publications

Schulte, U., den Brave, F., Haupt, A., Gupta, A., Song, J., Müller, C.S., Engelke, J., Mishra, S., Mårtensson, C., Ellenrieder, L., Priesnitz, C., Straub, S.P., Doan, K.N., Kulawiak, B., Bildl, W., Rampelt, H., Wiedemann, N., Pfanner, N., Fakler, B. and Becker, T. Mitochondrial complexome reveals quality control pathways of protein import (2023). Nature 614, 153-159.

Mårtensson, C.U., Priesnitz, C., Song, J., Ellenrieder, L., Doan, K.N., Boos, F., Floerchinger, A., Zufall, N., Oeljeklaus, S., Warscheid, B. and Becker, T. (2019) Mitochondrial protein translocation-associated degradation. Nature 569, 679-683.

Ellenrieder, L., Dieterle, M.P., Doan, K.N., Mårtensson, C.U., Floerchinger, A., Campo, M.L., Pfanner, N. and Becker, T. (2019) Dual role of mitochondrial porin in metabolite transport across the outer membrane and protein transfer to inner membrane. Mol. Cell 73, 1056-1057.

Ellenrieder, L., Opalinski, L., Becker, L., Krüger, V., Mirus, O., Straub, S.P., Ebell, K., Flinner, N., Stiller, S.B., Guiard, B., Meisinger, C., Wiedemann, N., Schleiff, E., Wagner, R., Pfanner, N. and Becker, T. (2016) Separating mitochondrial protein assembly and endoplasmic reticulum tethering by selective coupling of Mdm10. Nat. Commun. 7, 13021.

Thomas Becker
Prof. Dr. Thomas Becker
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