Sven Burgdorf
Prof. Dr. Sven Burgdorf
  • Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES)
Research topics
  • antigen presentation
  • endocytosis
  • metaflammation
In our group, we investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying antigen presentation. Of particular interest is the role of endocytosis receptors and their influence on antigen uptake, routing, processing and presentation., Additionally, we are investigating immunoregulatory roles of endocytosis receptors in cellular metabolism and in the context of metaflammation.
Selected publications

Burgdorf S, Kautz A, Böhnert V, Knolle PA, Kurts C (2007) Distinct pathways of antigen uptake and intracellular routing in CD4 and CD8 T cell activation. Science (New York, N.Y.) 316:612–616.

Burgdorf S, Schölz C, Kautz A, Tampé R, Kurts C (2008) Spatial and mechanistic separation of cross-presentation and endogenous antigen presentation. Nature immunology 9:558–566.

Schuette V et al. (2016) Mannose receptor induces T-cell tolerance via inhibition of CD45 and up-regulation of CTLA-4. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113:10649–10654.

Zehner M, Marschall AL, Bos E, Schloetel J-G, Kreer C, Fehrenschild D, Limmer A, Ossendorp F, Lang T, Koster AJ, Dübel S, Burgdorf S (2015) The translocon protein Sec61 mediates antigen transport from endosomes in the cytosol for cross-presentation to CD8(+) T cells. Immunity 42:850–863

Sven Burgdorf
Prof. Dr. Sven Burgdorf
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