Sarah Egert
Prof. Dr. Sarah Egert
  • Institut für Ernährungs- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften
Research topics
  • nutrition research
  • n-3 fatty acids
Our research investigates the impact of selected dietary components (in particular n-3 fatty acids and selected flavonoids such as quercetin) and different dietary patterns (e.g., Mediterranean diet vs. Western diet) on cardio-metabolic health with a focus on glucose and lipid metabolism, systemic inflammation, blood pressure and vascular function. We are also interested in cognitive health and nutrient-genotype interactions with a focus on the APOE genotype. Our main methods focus is human intervention trials (RCTs) including (strictly) controlled dietary studies (iso- or hypoenergetic), postprandial protocols and bioavailability studies. Subjects of our studies are metabolically healthy participants and subjects with a risk phenotype for cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disease (e.g., overweight/obese adults with metabolic syndrome).
Selected publications

Neumann HF, Egert S (2021): Impact of meal fatty acid composition on postprandial lipemia in metabolically healthy adults and subjects with CVD risk factors: a systematic review. Advances in Nutrition; nmab096, .

Schönknecht YB, Crommen S, Stoffel-Wagner B, Coenen M, Fimmers R, Holst JJ, Simon MC, Stehle P, Egert S (2020): Acute effects of three different meal patterns on postprandial metabolism in older individuals with a risk phenotype for cardiometabolic diseases: a randomized controlled crossover trial. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research 64(9):e1901035.

Burak C, Wolffram S, Zur B, Langguth P, Fimmers R, Alteheld B, Stehle P, Egert S (2019): Effect of alpha-linolenic acid in combination with the flavonol quercetin on markers of cardiovascular disease risk in healthy, non-obese adults: a randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled crossover trial. Nutrition 58:47-56.

Kleist B, Wahrburg U, Stehle P, Schomaker R, Greiwing A, Stoffel-Wagner B, Egert S (2017): Moderate walking enhances the effects of a hypo-energetic diet on fat mass loss and serum insulin in overweight and obese adults in a 12-week randomized controlled trial. Journal of Nutrition 147: 1875-1884.

Sarah Egert
Prof. Dr. Sarah Egert
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