Sabine Ellinger
Prof. Dr. Sabine Ellinger
  • Institut für Ernährungs- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften
Research topics
  • nutrition research
  • plant-based components
The efficacy of dietary measures and the role of specific food and food ingredients for the prevention of diet-related diseases, especially cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, belongs to my focus of research. My interest is dedicated to plant-based foods, in particular cocoa, and cocoa ingredients which may be responsible for these effects, e.g. flavanols such epicatechin. Another focus refers to clinical nutrition, especially nutrient deficiencies, from which morbidly obese patients with indication for bariatric surgery and patients in postoperative state are concerned. Nutrient deficiencies might impair clinical outcome. Which measures may compensate nutrient deficiencies and may in turn improve clinical outcome? My methodological approach and long-term expertise are well designed human intervention to detect efficient dietary measures and causal relationships.
Selected publications

Kirch N, Berk L, Liegl Y, Adelsbach M, Zimmermann BF, Stehle P, Stoffel-Wagner B, Ludwig N, Schieber A, Helfrich HP, Ellinger S (2018) A nutritive dose of pure (-)-epicatechin is not sufficient to beneficially affect increased cardiometabolic risk factors in overweight-to-obese adults - a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind crossover study. Am J Clin Nutr 107:948-956.

Wolf E, Utech M, Stehle P, Büsing M, Helfrich HP, Stoffel-Wagner B, Egert S, Alteheld B, Riege R, Knapp A, Ellinger S (2016) Oral high-dose vitamin D dissolved in oil raised serum 25 hydroxy-vitamin D to physiological levels in obese patients after sleeve gastrectomy - a double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled trial. Obes Surg 26:1821-1829.

Ellinger S, Reusch A, Stehle P, Helfrich HP (2012) Epicatechin ingested via cocoa products reduces blood pressure in humans: a nonlinear regression model with a Bayesian approach. Am J Clin Nutr 95:1365-1377.

Blass SC, Goost H, Tolba RH, Stoffel-Wagner B, Kabir K, Burger C, Stehle P, Ellinger S (2012) Time to wound closure in trauma patients with disorders in wound healing is shortened by supplements containing antioxidant micronutrients and glutamine: A PRCT. Clin Nutr 31:469-475.

Sabine Ellinger
Prof. Dr. Sabine Ellinger
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