Reinhard Bauer
PD Dr. Reinhard Bauer
  • Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES)
Research topics
  • gut-brain-axis
  • neuron-glia crosstalk
  • spingolipid metabolism
We want to elucidate on a molecular basis how changes of energy-/lipid-homeostasis affect development (neurodevelopment) and transition to pathological phenotypes. Studies on enzymes in the ceramide-synthesizing pathway indicate that Ceramide Synthase (CerS) serves as an important sensor of the lipid status. We identified the Drosophila CerS Schlank as transcriptional regulator sensing lipid levels and transducing the information to the level of gene expression via its homeodomain. Our research focus is on the role of CerS and of its derived ceramides in gut-brain- and neuron-glia- (i.e. astrocytes) communication. To address our questions we use the genetic model system fruit fly in combination with FACS sorting, protein- and lipid-biochemistry, cell biology, as well as microscopic techniques. These approaches are complemented by primary astrocyte and hepatocyte cultures from mouse tissue.
Selected publications

McNally BD, Ashley DF, Hänschke L, Daou HD, Watt NT, Murfitt SA, MacCannell AD, Whitehead A, Bowen TS., Sanders FWS., Vacca M, Witte KK.,Davies GR., Bauer R, Griffin JL & Roberts LD (2022) Long-chain ceramides are cell non-autonomous signals linking lipotoxicity to endoplasmic reticulum stress in skeletal muscle. Nat Commun. 13:1748

Sociale M, Wulf AL, Breiden B, Klee K, Thielisch M, Eckardt F, Sellin J, Bülow MH, Löbbert S, Weinstock N, Voelzmann A, Schultze J, Sandhoff K, *Bauer R (2018). Ceramide Synthase Schlank Is a Transcriptional Regulator Adapting Gene Expression to Energy Requirements. Cell Rep. 22: 967-978

Voelzmann A, Wulf AL, Eckardt F, Thielisch M, Brondolin M, Pesch YY, Sociale M, *Hoch M, *Bauer R. (2016) Nuclear Drosophila CerS Schlank regulates lipid homeostasis via the homeodomain, independent of the lag1p motif. FEBS Lett. 590: 971-981

*Bauer R , Voelzmann A, Breiden B, Schepers U, Farwanah H, Hahn I., Eckardt F, Sandhoff K, Hoch, M (2009) Schlank, a member of the ceramide synthase family controls growth and body fat in Drosophila. EMBO J. 28: 3706-3716

Reinhard Bauer
PD Dr. Reinhard Bauer
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