Philipp Sasse
Prof. Dr. Philipp Sasse
  • Institut für Physiologie I
Research topics
  • cardiac arrythmia
  • cardiac optogenetics
The overarching aim the Sasse group is to improve our mechanistic understanding of cardiac arrhythmia generation and termination and to develop novel optogenetic tools to fulfill this aim. The group showed the potential of optogenetics in the heart in vivo in 2020 and have since then contributed to moving the field of cardiac optogenetics forward with key publications reporting optogenetic manipulation of signaling cascades, analysis of fibroblast-cardiomyocyte coupling, gene transfer-enabled cardiac optogenetics and optogenetic defibrillation and cardioversion. With novel optogenetic tools and mechanistic insights on cardiac arrhythmia, the group also aims to develop drug screening for pro- and anti-arrhythmic effects as well as to propose novel therapeutic concepts for terminating cardiac arrhythmia.
Selected publications

Bruegmann T, Malan D, Hesse M, Beiert T, Fuegemann CJ, Fleischmann BK, Sasse P (2010) Optogenetic control of heart muscle in vitro and in vivo. Nature Methods 7:897-900.

Vogt CC, Bruegmann T, Malan D, Ottersbach A, Roell W, Fleischmann BK, Sasse P (2015) Systemic gene transfer enables optogenetic pacing of mouse hearts. Cardiovasc. Res. 106:338-43., , Bruegmann T, Boyle PM, Vogt CC, Karathanos T, Arevalo HJ, Fleischmann BK, Trayanova NA, Sasse P (2016) Optogenetic defibrillation terminates ventricular arrhythmia in mouse hearts and human simulations. J. Clin. Invest. 126:3894–3904.

Makowka P, Bruegmann T, Dusend V, Malan D, Beiert T, Hesse M, Fleischmann BK, Sasse P 2019 Optogenetic stimulation of Gs-signaling in the heart with spatio-temporal precision, Nat. Commun. 10:1281.

Philipp Sasse
Prof. Dr. Philipp Sasse
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